Wow, that title looks technical.  Or possibly the title of a dos program.


I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my PSIO cartridge, coming soon to a Sony Playstation near me.  Literally, the PSX is sitting to my right on my desk.  I’ve been preparing my backup images for it, and was immediately met with quite a challenge.  My backups are in‘s multiple bin/cue format, and PSIO requires one binary file, a CU2 file for multiple track discs, and a MULTIDISC.LST file for multiple disc games, all in a directory for each game.  Seems like quite a task to prepare my 98 game collection for quick and easy transferring to my PSIO.

So, I started doing it manually and thought it would be easier to create a program to do it for me.  So, I did.  A few hours later, it’s working quite well.



Turns this


Into this


And before you crucify me, this




  1. Creates a directory for each game.  Because of redump’s naming convention, Titles containing 2 separate games (ie. Final  Fantasy Anthology) will usually have separate directories for each game.  I like it this way.
  2. Creates a CU2 file based entirely on the multiple bin files.  The program calculates the track’s length based on its size.  CD Audio (44100, 16, 2) is always assumed.
  3. Merges the multiple track bins into one bin.  The bin is named the same as the cue file.  After this step, the cue is deleted as it’s not needed by PSIO.
  4. Truncates folder names and file names to PSIO’s limit of 60 characters.  It truncates only the game title, ignoring tokens (ie. “(Disc 1)”) and the file extension.
  5. Creates a MULTIDISC.LST file based on the bins left in the directory.


Simply tell the program where your extracted redump files are and click the “Go” button.  Nothing complicated.

One large caveat is that this program really only works when starting with well formatted, redump files.  I have done no testing for any files put in any other format.

The speed bottleneck for this program is when merging bin files.  The speed is dependent on how quickly your hard drive can copy data.

I wrote this program using Visual Studio 2015 in C#.  I didn’t pay attention to Framework targets or anything so I apologize if you have to install a new framework.  I really just wrote this for myself and decided to share it for others getting a PSIO cartridge.

I take no responsibility for any havoc this program wreaks on your backup files.  Use at your own risk.




  1. Got stuck on my redump copy of action replay 2 and deleted it. I had to hit “go” again to get it running. Hopefully it plays nice with everything else.

  2. Wonder if its possible to adapt the program, to just point it to a folder of Individual folders and in each one are images to he processed to create cu2 files? Batch conversion kinda?

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