Pizza leads to divorce.

I recently updated the website for a local pizza joint.  I lazily purchased a template and threw it on my development server.  Unfortunately I didn’t check the bootstrap version, and it was 2-something.

I like bootstrap because, well, I do.  The new site needed to be responsive because of the amount of people that look at stuff on their phones now-a-days, and bootstrap takes care of that.

Anyway, I figured it out and now it’s up: AJ’s Heavenly Pizza.  I added some little details that were not in the template, like a javascript text fader that cycles through the testimonies from their customers.  I also added a modal that can accept a new testimony.

After that was ready to go, I needed to give some attention to the CMS that I developed for them.  It gives them access to their current customer marketing program, as well as e-mail and other such things.  I also went ahead and rebuilt their server from the ground up, since their webmail was getting spam and I wanted to configure the anti-spam measures once and for all.  This little project took up the good part of my weekend.

I liked the new server so much, I’m filing for divorce from and moving into my Rackspace unmanaged server.  I’ll probably eventually move my domains to Hover as well, as I get those in the divorce as well.  The only thing GoDaddy will keep is my integrity from my first few years as a web developer.

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